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Monthly Business Expenses Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a reasonably accurate portrayal of a typical small business monthly expense sheet. It is as accurate as your entries. Enter your expenses and then click on Calculate. As you click on any field, that field will clear. Be certain to enter a zero (0) if you do not have a value for the field. All entries are numeric only and all field must have some number, including zero. This calculator can also be used to simulate a business model, or to estimate businesses still in the planning stage. We strongly advise that part of prudent business planning is the close contact with and association with an accounting professional. An error of NAN is generally one indicating something other than a number was entered into a field or enough data has not been entered for an accurate calculation.

Monthly Business Expenses Calculator
Required Monthly Costs Data Entry
Salaries/Wages/Contract Labor $
Office Rent/Mortgage $
Utilities $
Loan Payments/Contract Payments $
Lease Payments $
Insurance Premiums $
Transportation $
Office Supplies $
All Other Expenses $

Calculated Results
Monthly Outward Cash Flow $
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