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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates a computerized Naval encounter between two simulated world Naval powers, you and our computer (small world isn't it?). Click on the computer's grid to try to find the location of a ship in our fleet. Each click is a shot fired. Our computer will do the same; it does NOT cheat. We have displayed where your ships are in advance (so that you know). The fleet positions will change each time you refresh the browser or each time you enter the game; both are starting or starting over methods. The computer's grid will take a new ocean camouflaged appearance in a similar manner each refresh or start. Each fleet has 4 minesweepers (2 grid units), 4 frigates (3 grid units), 2 cruisers (4 grid units) and 1 battleship (5 grid units). Be aware the more firepower the computer has remaining in the fleet, the better the intelligence! The status bar at the lower left of your browser will keep you informed of all activity and alert messages will inform you of critical situations. Happy hunting and MAN THE BATTLESTATIONS!

Updated 6.01.11

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