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Peukert Number Battery Life Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is designed to calculate the actual battery capacity and various discharge rates, including the manufactures' theoretical 80% discharge rate, based on the actual discharge rate instead of the rated time. Enter the manufacture's rated capacity of the batter in Ah (ampere hours), the discharge rate and Peurkert's number (or Peurkert's exponent), a rating given by most modern battery manufacturers. That number is based on Peukert's formula, T = C / In (or C = T * In), where C is theoretical capacity (in amp-hours, equal to actual capacity at one amp), I is current (in amps), T is time (in hours), and n is the Peukert number for the battery. That number shows how well the battery holds up under heavy rates of discharge. Most range from 1.1 to 1.4; 1.2 is about average, but the lower the number the better the battery as far as discharge rate. In the event you wish to calculate other battery factors, use our Battery Charge Time Calculator or our Battery Charge Time Variable Efficiency Calculator.

Rated Battery Capacity Ah
Discharge Rate A
Peukert's Number

Calculated Results
Calcuated Battery Capacity Ah
Full Discharge Time Hours
Manufacturer's 80% Discharge Time Hours
75% Discharge Time Hours
50% Discharge Time Hours
25% Discharge Time Hours
Updated 8.15.11

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