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Baseball Pitching Speed Base Stealing Advantage Calculator

This converter and calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to show the average speed of a baseball pitched from the mound to the plate, in relationship to another of a different speed. That in turn gives a baserunner an advantage or disadvantage in attempting to steal a base. Obviously the best way to determine the speed is with a radar gun. However, if you don't happen to have one but do have a good stopwatch, here is the math that is involved. Enter the distance value from the pitcher's rubber plate to home plate by selecting the proper league designation or by manual entry. Then enter the time value from the time the pitcher releases the ball until it crosses the plate. (It will be fast! Have your stop watch ready...) Click the stopwatch when the ball is released by the pitcher and when it arrives at the plate to get that value. Then do the same for the second pitch. Finally, enter the baserunner's average speed for the base he is attempting to steal. Click on Calculate Speed. The Calculate buttons and the Clear Values buttons may be used for another calculation. The data calculated is the speed of both pitches in miles per hour (MPH) and feet per second (FPS), the differences in speed between the pitches, the time difference and the distance advantage or disadvantage in feet for the baserunner. For a base stealer, the difference of only 1 hundredth of a second is often the difference between safe and out. The faster the pitch, the advantage to the pitcher since the time from hand to plate is less. The slower the pitch, the advantage to the baserunner, assuming catcher reaction time is the same and all other factors are equal. Please see the representative time chart below. Change the defaults as needed. See our Baseball Pitching Speed Calculator for pitching speed information only, and our Baseball Running Speed Calculator for home to first speed information.

Pitched Baseball Speed and Base Stealing Advantage
Calculated by Distance and Time

League Distance: Feet
Enter 1st Pitch Time: Seconds
Enter 2nd Pitch Time: Seconds
Enter Base Steal Time: Seconds
Calculated Results
Pitch #1 Speed: Miles Per Hour
Pitch #1 Speed: Feet Per Second
Pitch #2 Speed: Miles Per Hour
Pitch #2 Speed: Feet Per Second
Speed Difference: Miles Per Hour
Speed Difference: Feet Per Second
Time Difference: Seconds
Distance Difference: Feet

Major League Time Ratings To Second And Third Bases

2nd Base

3rd Base

Above - Average

4.1 seconds 4.0 seconds


4.2 seconds 4.1 seconds

Below - Average

4.3 seconds 4.2 seconds
Updated 8.12.11

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