Aviation Light Gun Signals

This table is the color gun sequence for various types of signals in those situations when either airport radio communications fail or is unavailable. These are the FAA approved signals and applications.

Color and Type of Signal Movement of Vehicles, Equipment and Personnel Aircraft on the Ground Aircraft in Flight
Steady green Cleared to cross, proceed or go Cleared for takeoff Cleared to land
Flashing green Not applicable Cleared for taxi Return for landing, followed by steady green at the appropriate time
Steady red STOP STOP Give way to other aircraft and continue circling
Flashing red Clear the taxiway/runway Taxi clear of the runway in use Airport unsafe, do not land
Flashing white Return to starting point on airport Return to starting point on airport Not applicable
Alternating red and green Exercise Extreme Caution Exercise Extreme Caution Exercise Extreme Caution
Updated 8.15.11

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