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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates an initial true course heading from the field of departure to the destination field. Both airports are identified by inserting the latitude and longitude, degrees and minutes for each, or degrees, minutes and seconds for each. If you do not use seconds, you may use decimal minutes. If you use seconds, that field will use decimal seconds also. Be sure to check the hemisphere indicators for each airport's co-ordinates. Then click on Calculate to determine the course and approximate distance in a direct route. This calculator does not take into consideration weather, winds, magnetic deviation or restricted areas. Our initial information is a sample flight from Bermuda Dunes Airport, south of Palm Springs, to Palm Springs International Airport; crank it up, climb a little, land and shut it down. The information results will show a course heading of about 293 degrees and show a distance of about 12.5 nautical miles, 14.4 statute miles and 23.2 kilometers. The initial values will clear on each field as you click on it to enter information.

Here is the current NOAA aviation weather. Here is the current European aviation weather. You can look up the Latitude/Logitude information here for the US and the world.

Required Data Entry
Origin Field Co-Ordinates
Latitude degrees minutes seconds
Longitude degrees minutes seconds
Destination Field Co-Ordinates
Latitude degrees minutes seconds
Longitude degrees minutes seconds

Calculated Results
Initial Course rounded degrees true
Distance rounded nautical miles
Distance rounded statue miles
Distance rounded kilometers
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