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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator averages all cost factors that are involved in the total cost of inventory items, with the goal of providing an average cost of a single inventory item. Begin by entering the inventory cost values into the new cost input box. Those items might include the actual cost of the items, shipping, freight, phone or FAX calls, assembly labor, etc. Please be sure to click on the "Enter Inventory Cost Factor" button after each entry; the cursor will return to the new cost entry box to prepare for the next value entry. There is no reasonable limitation as to the number of entries as long as you follow each entry by clicking on the "Enter Inventory Cost Factor" button. The cost factor you entered will be placed in the running total for entries and into the box below for display of your entries. After the last cost factor value has been entered, enter the total number of inventory items. Finally, click on the "Calculate Average Inventory Data" button for the returned average value of the entered data and the number of values entered, as well as the other displayed average data. Actually, you can click on "Calculate Average Inventory Data" as often as you wish and it will average the entries up to that point and allow you to continue. Other information displayed and updated with each click of "Calculate Average Inventory Data" is the first and last cost factor entered in the session, the lowest and highest values in the session, the average of those two groups, and the average per item inventory cost. Clicking the "Clear Values" button will clear all the accumulators and allow you to start over. You may also wish to see or use our short version of the Average Inventory Calculator yielding an average monthly inventory with only 2 entries.


Number Of Inventory Items

  Average Of Cost Factors Is     From   Entry Values
    Cost Factors Entry     Group Values Total

Entries For Averaging
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First Entered Cost Factor Value
Last Entered Cost Factor Value
Smallest Entered Cost Factor Value
Largest Entered Cost Factor Value
First/Last Entry Cost Factors Average
Smallest/Largest Cost Factors Average
Individual Inventory Item Cost Average
Updated: 8/15/11

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