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This combination code generator and calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Select a name for your array; the default we provide is AnArray. When using the numerical value option enter the array length, the default is 5, and an index value; that default is image. A number is then appended to the index value starting at 000. A second value can also be added after the number by entering in the second textbox. The default is aanam; if this is not required, clear and leave the box blank. If it is needed or desired, you may use the default or make an entry of your own. Enter an extension if appropriate. Choose and Index Style and select Yes or No to the Add Numerical Values question. If the numerical value option is not used each individual array index value is typed in the text field, you can then either click the "Manual Enter" button or press your Enter Key to confirm your index value. Experiment with the options. Selecting Yes or No activate or deactivate some choice options, as does Numerical Enter.

Array Maker
Array Name
Indexed Array Length
Index Value Ext
Index Style 1 2 3
Add Numerical Values Yes No

Version 2.9.1

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