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Nixie Tube Anode Resistor Calculator

This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates the required values for resistance to select an anode resistor for the anode of a nixie tube. Enter the supply voltage, and internal anode (+) voltage, and cathode (-) current in milliamps. Click on Calculate and the results returned are the voltage at the current limiting resistor, the calculated resistor value needed, though that may vary slightly from a standard resistor, and the size of the required wattage of the resistor. You will need to select a slightly higher standard wattage. You might wish to see some nixie tubes in action on our site. Click here for our counter, here for our clock and here for our clock and timer combo display.

Required Data Entry
Supply Voltage Volts
Anode Voltage Volts
Cathode Current Milliamps

Calculated Results
Resistor Voltage Volts
Calculated Resistor Required kOhms
Resistor Wattage Required Watts
Version 1.1.3

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