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Annulus Volume Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script determines the annulus within a given set of conditions. What is an annulus you asked (embarrassed and looking to make sure no one sees you ask...). One definition is "A space contained between the circumferences of two circles, one within the other." Another is "The solid formed by a circle revolving around a line which is the plane of the circle but does not cut it." OK, all of that said, what is it really? It looks like a washer that goes with a nut and bolt. Picture a donut... Don't eat it; just picture it. Better than that, picture it without depth. The outer edge of the donut is one circle and the inner edge is another. The space in between is the annulus and, in this calculator, it is an area and a volume, but it has no calories. In simple terms, it is the difference, in area (square units) and volume (cubic units), between two areas and two volumes of two concentric circles and cylinders. Other definitions do not mention concentric; only contained within. Our calculator works for both definitons and all the below calculations. An annulus CAN have volume (as you can see in the graphic below) and by the definition of a solid, does; this calculator deals with facial surface area (top and bottom), depth surface area (inside and outside), total surface area and volume.

Enter all of the initial three values of outer radius, inner radius, and depth. Click on Calculate. The results are inner and outer diameters, top and bottom surface facial area, inner and outer surface area, total surface area, and volume. Calculations are rounded to three decimal places.

If you are really into this sort of math and you are experimenting with this at midnight or after, you need to get out more. This will make you old in a hurry!

Required Data Entry
Inner Radius Units
Outer Radius Units
Depth Units

Calculated Results
Inner Diameter Units
Outer Diameter Units
Annulus Facial Area (Upper or Lower) Square Units
Annulus Facial Area (Combined) Square Units
Inner Depth Area Square Units
Outer Depth Area Square Units
Depth Area (Combined) Square Units
Annulus Total Surface Area Square Units
Inner Cylinder Small Volume Cubic Units
Outer Cylinder Large Volume Cubic Units
Annulus Volume Cubic Units
Updated 8.17.11

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