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This amortization calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Enter the ENTIRE amount of your financed mortgage, including any closing costs or other expenses that will be amortized over the time period of the loan. Enter the interest rate in a whole number of the percent. For instance, 5 percent would be entered as 5 not .05; 5.5 would be 5 and 1/2 percent. Select the mortgage term length duration (term) of the loan and select the frequency of the payment, monthly or bi-monthly. This bi-monthly option is NOT to reduce the interest by pre-payment but to pay 1/2 the monthly payment, twice a month. Click on Calculate Payment and Interest for results. Click on Amortization Table to create an annual table. To print the table, hit Control-P after the window is open.

Data Entry Fields

Initial Payment Year
Mortgage Amount
Interest Rate %
Mortgage Term Length Years
Payment Frequency


Calculated Regular Payment Amount
Calculated Total Term Interest

Updated 6.02.11

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