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AM Clear Channel Radio Frequency Table

This table indicates which AM broadcast frequencies are clear channel designations, as mandated by the FCC. These are regional (class A) channels, and local (class B) channels. The table also lists the individual AM stations which have clear channel status.

Channel Type Frequency
Old class designation in ( )
Clear 540 A,B,D  
Clear 640 A,B,D KFI, Los Angeles, CA: Class A (I-A)
KYUK, Bethel, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 650 A,B,D WSM, Nashville, TN: Class A (I-A)
KENY, Anchorage, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 660 A,B,D WFAN, New York, NY: Class A (I-A)
KFAR, Fairbanks, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 670 A,B,D WMAQ, Chicago, IL: Class A (I-A)
KDLG, Dillingham, AK: Class (I-N)
KBOI, Boise, Idaho: Class B (II-A)
Clear 680 A,B,D KNBR, San Francisco, CA: Class A (I-B)
KBRW, Barrow, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 690 A,B,D  
Clear 700 A,B,D WLW, Cincinatti, OH: Class A (I-A)
KBYR, Anchorage, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 710 A,B,D WOR, New York, NY: Class A (I-B)
:KIRO, Seattle, WA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 720 A,B,D WGN, Chicago, IL: Class A (I-A)
KOTZ, Kotzebue, AK: Class A (I-N)
KDWN, Las Vegas, NV: Class B (II-A)
Clear 730 A,B,D  
Clear 740 A,B,D  
Clear 750 A,B,D WSB, Atlanta, GA: Class A (I-A)
KFQD, Anchorage, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 760 A,B,D WJR, Detroit, MI: Class A (I-A)
Clear 770 A,B,D WABC, New York, NY: Class A (I-A)
KKOB, Albuquerque, NM: Class B (II-A)
Clear 780 A,B,D WBBM, Chicago, IL: Class A (I-A)
KNOM, Nome, AK: Class A (I-N)
KKOH, Reno, NV: Class B (II-A)
Clear 800 A,B,D  
Clear 810 A,B,D KGO, San Francisco, CA: Class A (I-B)
WGY, Schenectady, NY: Class A (I-B)
Clear 820 A,B,D WBAP, Fort Worth, TX: Class A (I-A)
KCBF, Fairbanks, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 830 A,B,D WCCO, Minneapolis, MN: Class A (I-A)
Clear 840 A,B,D WHAS, Louisville, KY: Class A (I-A)
KABN, Long Island, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 850 A,B,D KOA, Denver, CO: Class A (I-B)
KICY, Nome, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 860 A,B,D  
Clear 870 A,B,D WWL, New Orleans, LA: Class A (I-A)
KSKO, McGrath, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 880 A,B,D WCBS, New York, NY: Class A (I-A)
KRVN, Lexington, NE: Class B (II-A)
Clear 890 A,B,D WLS, Chicago, IL: Class A (I-A)
KBBI, Homer, AK: Class A (I-N)
KDXU, St. George, UT: Class B (II-A)
Clear 940 A,B,D  
Clear 990 A,B,D  
Clear 1000 A,B,D WLUP, Chicago, IL: Class A (I-A)
KOMO, Seattle, WA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1010 A,B,D  
Clear 1020 A,B,D KDKA, Pittsburgh, PA: Class A (I-A)
KCKN, Roswell, NM: Class B (II-A)
KAXX, Eagle River, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 1030 A,B,D WBZ, Boston, MA: Class A (I-A)
KTWO, Casper, WY: Class B (II-A)
Clear 1040 A,B,D WHO, Des Moines, IA: Class A (I-A)
Clear 1050 A,B,D  
Clear 1060 A,B,D KYW, Philadelphia, PA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1070 A,B,D KNX, Los Angeles, CA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1080 A,B,D WTIC, Hartford, CT: Class A (I-B)
KRLD, Dallas, TX: Class A (I-B)
KASH, Anchorage, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 1090 A,B,D KAAY, Little Rock, AR: Class A (I-B)
WBAL, Baltimore, MD: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1100 A,B,D WTAM, Cleveland, OH: Class A (I-A)
KNZZ, Grand Junction, CO: Class B (II-A)
Clear 1110 A,B,D WBT, Charlotte, NC: Class A (I-B)
KFAB, Omaha, NE: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1120 A,B,D KMOX, St. Louis, MO: Class A (I-A)
KPNW, Eugene, OR: Class B (II-A)
Clear 1130 A,B,D KWKH, Shreveport, LA: Class A (I-B)
WNEW, New York, NY: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1140 A,B,D WRVA, Richmond, VA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1160 A,B,D KSL, Salt Lake City, UT: Class A (I-A)
Clear 1170 A,B,D KVOO, Tulsa, OK: Class A (I-B)
WWVA, Wheeling, WV: Class A (I-B)
KJNP, North Pole, AK: Class A (I-N)
Clear 1180 A,B,D WHAM, Rochester, NY: Class A (I-A)
KOFI, Kalispell, MT: Class B (II-A)
Clear 1190 A,B,D KEX, Portland, OR: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1200 A,B,D WOAI, San Antonio, TX: Class A (I-A)
Clear 1210 A,B,D WPHT, Philadelphia, PA: Class A (I-A)
KGYN, Guymon, OK: Class B (II-A)
Clear 1220 A,B,D  
Clear 1500 A,B,D WTOP, Washington, DC: Class A (I-B)
KSTP, St. Paul, MN: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1510 A,B,D WLAC, Nashville, TN: Class A (I-B)
KGA, Spokane, WA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1520 A,B,D WWKB, Buffalo, NY: Class A (I-B)
KOMA, Oklahoma City, OK: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1530 A,B,D KFBK, Sacramento, CA: Class A (I-B)
WCKY, Cincinatti, OH: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1540 A,B,D KXEL, Waterloo, IA: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1550 A,B,D  
Clear 1560 A,B,D KNZR, Bakersfield, CA: Class A (I-B)
WQEW, New York, NY: Class A (I-B)
Clear 1570 A,B,D  
Clear 1580 A,B,D  
Updated 8.17.11

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