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RT60 Acoustic Reverb Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the RT60 delay value for the room you describe in the area below. Area acoustics is a factor that all in the music business have to learn to accept and work to our own advantage. In the studio, knowledge might allow you to take advantage to get some particular sound you wish to highlight. In live sound, acoustics can be a problem without the knowledge of why they react as they do. Either way we all should know and learn something about acoustics. In the early 1920s, an early experimenter in room and area acoustics, Wallace Sabine derived the formula which is used by this calculator, and is the foundation for all acoustic studies and calculations. RT60 is an acoustical measurement used to calculate reverb time decay. RT60 is in reality the measurement of time it takes a given audio signal to fall -60db (decibels). The formula is RT60 = k*(V/Sa). In this formula, k is a constant that equals 0.161 when the units of measurement are metric (in meters for our use) and 0.049 when units are expressed in feet. Measurements are to the closest whole meter or foot for most purposes, though you may enter decimal values. (You MUST remain uniform in values of feet or meters throughout.) Sa is the total surface absorption of a room expressed in Sabins, named after the creator. It is a sum of all the surface areas in the room multiplied by their respective absorption coefficients. The absorption coefficients express the absorption factor (characteristics) of materials at given frequencies. The figures used in this calculator come from the Table Of Absorption Coefficients for various materials, published by the National Department of Measurements, concerning area acoustics. This same table is used by virtually every building materials manufacturer for product information. In this calculator, enter the measurements of the room. Make sure you specify the units as feet or meters. Then select the wall and interior materials that are appropriate, as well as the quantity. Select the sound frequency as best possible. Click on Calculate for the results. You may click on Clear Values to start over.

RT60 Calculator
Required Data Entry
Width Length Height feet meters
Walls Construction Material Windows, Doors And Other Surfaces
Deflection Material Size Quantity
Front x
Back x
Left x
Right x
Ceiling x
Floor x
125 Hz  250 Hz  500 Hz  1000 Hz  2000 Hz  4000 Hz

Calculated Results
Estimated Probable RT60 value of this room is seconds.
Probable best case RT60 value of this room is seconds.
Probable worst case RT60 value of this room is seconds.
Updated 8.15.11

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