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The Zip Drive is a long term project for our business, Computer Support Group, CSGNetwork, in Palm Springs, California. The purpose was not to have another street racer on the road but to have a unique, potentially powerful, yet reliable everyday work truck. We have a number of S-10s that we use for the business. (They are all maintained, including this one, in Fleet Maintenance at Davies Auto Care in Cathedral City, CA.) When the oldest, an '83 S10 Tahoe pickup with more than 600,000 miles on it, blew the second V6 engine with about 300,080 miles (where is the warranty when you need it...?) on it, we had seen the conversion process at Jaguars That Run's S10 section on the Internet, and began doing the homework and planning. The process seemed rather straight forward (things are not always what the seem...) with the exception of needing to be street legal and smog legal for California. Below are some links (that we hope you will enjoy) to the job's details and pictures, before, during and after the project. For us, the effort and expense was worth it. For others, you might want to consider the time, expense and legal problems, especially if you are in California, to make a good decision of the conversion. If you are planning such a conversion and want to experience it as close to first hand as you can get, follow the links. Since we are small block Chevy performance fans since the early 60's (the Dr. Go 1965 327 Chevelle Malibu with 7 NHRA national records), we made our decisions based on past experience, first hand knowledge and advice from others that did this before we did. We are working on a similar set of pages for our performance ski boat, the Princess Di, a 475HP Holman and Moody Ford 460 powered pull toy.

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