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Since this process took slightly more than 2 years, I came across another block from a 1996 Vette small block. With a small stroker, a little cylinder grinding here and there, some different shaped lobes on the camshaft, a little more compression and 392 cubic inches of fury just happened. With TPI and supercharging, it is slightly more than 460 horsepower on gas. From the outside, nothing looks different. The weight and distribution is not a great deal different either but with an extra 125 horses, it runs a little better. We still drive it as "just a service truck", an everyday driver if you will, with XM radio and air conditioning, but you never know what is there on a given day. In any of the three configurations, the only give away that something is not stock is the sound. It has a nice little low rumble and a little bit of an attitude in the engine lope, but it is still very quiet in spite of being very potent. Strange things come in little white packages... I don't think we are in Kansas anymore Toto...

If you decide to do the S-10 conversion, don't do it in California. It is just too much of a problem in reality. Most states don't care if you put some headers and duals on it; If you build it and tune it correctly, it will be cleaner on exhaust emissions that most new vehicles. The state of California doesn't care about that; it is their way or the highway (in some other state).

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