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IE7 Common Tasks

Computer Support Group, CSGNetwork, provides these IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) common task choices for your perusal. There are no guarantees as to the abilities of any one task. Try them on your computer to see if they assist you in daily operation of your Internet Explorer, version 7, browser.

Common Tasks

To do thisDo this
Disable all add-onsWindows logo key + R > iexplore.exe –extoff
Turn on AutoComplete so that website addresses will be automatically filled in for you if you begin to type them againTools > Internet Options > Advanced > Use inline AutoComplete
Change how tabs work in Internet ExplorerTools > Internet Options > on the General tab, under Tabs, click Settings
Display the Menu Bar at the top of the screenTo display temporarily: press the ALT key
To display permanently: Tools > Menu Bar
Delete cookies, passwords, form data, history, and temporary Internet filesTools > Delete Browsing History
Find and install add-onsTools > Manage Add-ons > Find More Add-ons
Print part of pageSelect part of the page you want to print, press CTRL+P, click Selection, and then click Print
Change website address suffix*Tools > Internet Options > Languages

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