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Do Not Send Stock Information

Computer Support Group, CSGNetwork, is a supporter of the efforts of the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the nation's consumer financial watchdog, to legitimize securities trading and make it as safe as is possible. Unauthorized stock advertising and unsolicited securities sales efforts with advertising by E-Mail are two of the largest problems in the industry; the majority of the time, they are just efforts to glamorize worthless or "little chance to succeed" stocks and portray them as "make money quickly" targets. Most legitimate brokers just don't use these tactics and most offerings that are worthwhile are not sold or advertised like this. (See our Do Not Spam page.) Most solicitations are just fraudulent and as is the case with spammers, the mail is sent from a dummy address and has false "remove" information. Once you are on that list, you are stuck! Complain! Non-solicited stock E-Mail costs all of us and it is illegal. Stand up for your rights! File a complaint. Here are some ideas and general information. File not only a compliant with the SEC Or forward them by using this E-Mail address,

If something in an E-Mail sounds too good to be true, too far out to be in, or too strange to be true, then chances are, it is more non-sense, a scam or just an outright fabrication; the vast majority of the stock E-Mails are not legitimate. It is YOUR money that they are targeting but it is up to you to be careful!

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