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Wire Parameter Calculator

This Javascript web calculator will calculate the resistance and ampacity for the wire gauge you enter below. Note: Ampacity is based on a curve fit to MIL-STD-975. Ampacity is the rms current which a device can carry within specified temperature limitations in a specified environment dependent upon: a) temperature rating, b) power loss, c) heat dissipation. The ampacity for a cable is thus based on physical and electrical properties of the material, the construction of the conductor, the insulation composition, ambient temperature, and environmental conditions adjacent to the cable. Having a large overall surface area may dissipate heat well if the environment can absorb the heat.

Enter AWG:á
Enter Temperature:á [Degrees C]

Copper Area:á [Circular Mils]
Copper Area:á [Square Mils]
Copper Diameter:á [Mils]
Resistance:á [Ohms per Ft.]
Single Wire Ampacity:á [Amps]

Enter Number of Wires in Bundle:á
Wire Bundle Ampacity:á [Amps/wire]

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