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Determine Specific Days

With this calculator you can determine on what date a specific day of the week occurs, for instance the third Sunday of April on or after the 15th. The calculator doesn't test the validity or legitimacy of the input, so data entry must be done carefully. Current years are 4-digit numbers, not 2 digit numbers. The calculator only works for the Gregorian calendar, which is used in most parts of the Western world.

For instance, the second Monday of August on/after the 15th, or a similar request. Calculate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, if existing the 5th, or the last weekday (like Monday, Saturday, etc.) of a certain month in a certain year. If needed, enter an offset day after or before which the counting should start. The offset day is included in the counting if it is the selected weekday. An offset day has no effect if the "last" weekday (of a month) is selected. If e.g. the last Sunday on/before day n is needed, select the "first" Sunday on/before day n. If the last weekday before day n is needed instead of on/before, just enter n-1. If the first etc. weekday after instead of on/after is needed, enter n+1.

Select The Nth: Day: Of Month: Year:
Day # (Of This Month):

Requested Date: (Format: Full Year-Month-Day)

Special Day Selector

This complex script will find a date based on the above documented parameters. Though complex, it is extremely powerful and useful.
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