Basic ShowDate Function
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Basic ShowDate Function


Showdate ( [date object|string], [day string], [month string], [date string], [year string], [delimeter string] )

Date:- Javascript date object in the form new Date(), new Date(1982,06,30).

Day:- Day string in the form "dddd" or "ddd".

Month:- Month string in the form "mmmm", "mmm", "mm".

Date:- Date string in the form "dddd", "ddd", "dd", "d".

Year:- Year string in the form "yyyy", "yy".

Example Results
Showdate(new Date(), 'dddd', 'mmm', 'dd', 'yyyy', '-')
Showdate(new Date(), 'dd', 'mm', 'dd', 'yyyy', '.')
Showdate(new Date(2001,11,25), 'dddd', 'mmm', 'dd', 'yy', ' ')

Basic ShowDate Function

This group of routines demonstrates the capabilities of our basic ShowDate function; call it where ever it is needed.
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