JavaScript Math Functions
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JavaScript Math Functions

Math.abs(a)     returns the absolute value of a
Math.acos(a)    returns arc cosine of a
Math.asin(a)    returns arc sine of a
Math.atan(a)    returns arc tangent of a
Math.atan2(a,b) returns arc tangent of a/b
Math.ceil(a)    returns integer closest to a and not less than a
Math.cos(a)     returns cosine of a
Math.exp(a)     returns exponent of a
Math.floor(a)   returns integer closest to and not greater than a
Math.log(a)     returns log of a base e
Math.max(a,b)   returns the maximum of a and b
Math.min(a,b)   returns the minimum of a and b
Math.pow(a,b)   returns a to the power b
Math.random()   returns pseudorandom number in the range 0 to 1
Math.round(a)   returns integer closest to a 
Math.sin(a)     returns sine of a
Math.sqrt(a)    returns square root of a
Math.tan(a)     returns tangent of a

All trig operations are in radians rather than degrees..

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