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The Following calculator will allow you to enter whole and fractional wire gauges (fractional wire gauges are used for magnet wire) between 0000 and 46 gauge. It also allows direct current input instead of having it calculated like the calculator above. After all of the material we just covered, it should be self-explanatory. Due to different rounding on the spreadsheet and the calculator, the values will differ slightly between the calculator and the table above.

To calculate for wire sizes 00, 000 and 0000...

00 = -1
000 = -2
0000 = -3

Wire Gauge? (AWG)
Length of Wire? Feet
Current Flow? Max Amps
Resistance/foot: Ohms
Total Resistance: Ohms
Circular Mils:  
Voltage Drop: Volts
Cir Mils/Amp:  

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