Increase Or Decrease Text Size
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Right click this window and select "view source" in order to copy the source for this script.

This is sample text.

- Decrease Font Size

+ Increase Font Size

So is this.


Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size

Increase Or Decrease Text Size

This JavaScript example shows how page viewers can increase or decrease the size of text on all or designated sections of your page. This is very useful for visitors who have difficulty reading smaller text (especially in low light or backlit conditions) and enables them to resize it for ease of comprehension. As it is configured at present, you may change the font size of any text within a paragraph (<p></p>) tag designation. If you wish to change text within other tags edit the getElementsByTagName('p'); instruction. Proper operation on your page mandates this code requires pixel sized fonts (px) instead of relative sized fonts using 'em' or '%'. It degrades nicely to 12px if the proper fonts are not located. Size changes can be activated by text or graphics links, inside or outside of the tags. Please notice that THIS text is not changing and is not within <p></p> tags. Works in most modern browses. Please view the source.

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