ICD-10 Codes Verify
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Examples for valid ICD-10 codes: T86.88, T86.2 or N12
(If the field is empty, the script returns true.)

Enter ICD-10 Code

ICD-10 Codes Verify

This routine allows for verification of ICD-10 codes; ICD-10 is an acronym for The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10). The codes are a method of coding of diseases and signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or diseases, as classified by the World Health Organization (WHO). The code set allows more than 155,000 different codes and permits tracking of many new diagnoses and procedures. It is a significant expansion on the 17,000 codes available in ICD-9. Almost 10 years in creation, work on ICD-10 began in 1983 and was completed in 1992. View the source.

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