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Floating Timer Or Clock

This is a customizable timer (or a clock, whatever you choose) that displays how long the visitor was on your page, or displays local current time, based on yor computer's clock. It always sits in one of the corners of your browser (you choose which one) when you scroll the page

It is compatible with Netscape 4 and higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and higher. For the best results. use MSIE4.0+. It was originally, like all else on our site, written for and behaves best in IE.


TimerOrClock - chooses what to display "clock" or "timer";
layerH - the height of the viewable area of the timer (clock) (in pixels);
layerW - the width of the viewable area of the timer (clock) (in pixels);
llocation - location of the timer (clock):

  • "top_left" - top left corner of the page;
  • "top_right" - top right corner of the page;
  • "bottom_left" - bottom left corner of the page;
  • "bottom_right" - bottom right corner of the page;

bgcolor - background color;
text - foreground color;
font_size - font size;
font_face - font face;
message - a message to be displayed along with the timer (clock);
link - an html code e.g. CSGNetwork.Com

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