CSS Cursor Change - Method 2
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STYLE ="cursor:auto" (uses what is set by user)
STYLE ="cursor:crosshair" (should produce a cross)
STYLE ="cursor:default" (cursor remains as it is)
STYLE ="cursor:e-resize" (arrow pointing east)
STYLE ="cursor:hand" (the traditional pointing hand)
STYLE ="cursor:help" (a question mark should appear)
STYLE ="cursor:move" (a cross with arrows on the tips)
STYLE ="cursor:n-resize" (an arrow pointing north)
STYLE ="cursor:ne-resize" (an arrow pointing northeast)
STYLE ="cursor:nw-resize" (an arrow pointing northwest)
STYLE ="cursor:pointer" (that hand again)
STYLE ="cursor:s-resize" (an arrow pointing south)
STYLE ="cursor:se-resize" (an arrow pointing southeast)
STYLE ="cursor:sw-resize" (an arrow pointing southwest)
STYLE ="cursor:text" (looks like the end of an I-beam)
STYLE ="cursor:w-resize" (an arrow pointing west)
STYLE="cursor:wait" (an hourglass)

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