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Right click this window and select "view source" in order to copy the source for this script.

Numbers Alphabet Dates Currency Unsortable
1 Z 01-01-2006 $ 5.00 Unsortable 1
2 y 04-13-2005 $ 6.70 Unsortable 2
3 X 08-17-2006 $ 6.50 Unsortable 3
4 w 01-01-2005 $ 4.20 Unsortable 4
5 V 05-12-2006 $ 7.15 Unsortable 5
15 $ 29.55

Take these three graphics also... Right click on each and then "save image (or picture) as"...


Complex Table Sorter

View the source...

The Javascript behind this is a very complex routine but includes all the information needed to put it in operation. It does wonders with informational tables for use by page visitors by adding a few simple changes to your already working tables. This does NOT calculate the math on the tables.

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