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Slide Square

This calculator based game requires
the use of Javascript enabled and
capable browsers. To play, arrange
the numbers in the box with the lowest
in the top left corner to the highest in
the bottom row, left to right, with empty
box in the bottom right. A number is in
its correct spot if the box color turns
black. If the box color is red, that
indicates an incorrect position for
the number square. Have fun...

If you change square sizing, a bar at
the bottom of the screen shows progress.
The status bar shows how many squares
are positioned wrong and how many
moves you have used. Objective scores
are also below.
Square 3x Square 4x
Square 5x Square 6x
Square 7x Square 8x
Square 9x Square 10x
Move Square On Mouse Over
Move Square On Click

Target Scores

Square 3: 4
Square 4: 125
Square 5: 300
Square 6: 915
Square 7: 1308
Square 8: 1605
Square 9: 2522
Square 10: 2941