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Use your browser's "Back" button to return to the application. This help file is for the CSGNetwork King James Version of the Holy Bible.

In order to find the word you are looking for, first select a book of the Bible from either the Old Testament or the New Testament. You may also leave the default which is all of the books in the entire Bible, or select either all of the books in the Old Testament or all of the books in the New Testament. You may further restrict the search by selecting a particular chapter; the default is all of them. By the way, several books have more than 150 chapters. At present, you may only enter one chapter. In a future release, we will add multiple chapters and ranges. There is no provision at present for any verse selections. Enter the word or string of characters or words you want to search for within the selections you have made. (Case is not important but the exact spelling is, as is the "space" character and punctuation. For example, you may search for "created", "Created" or "crEated", but not "crea ted". You may also search for "God created", "God CreaTed" or "God CREATED", but not "godcreated" or "God  created". By the way, do not use quotes in your entry for searching.) Then select how may occurrences you wish to have show on a single page. Select Search to start the process based on the parameters you have set, or select Clear to remove all of the parameters and allow you to start again. After each search, the fields will be set to the defaults. If your search returns more choices than you have selected as a page of items, as needed, you may use the next and back buttons to move forward or back a page at a time. The Home button takes you to the CSGNetwork.Com home page and leaves the application. There is an E-Mail link at the bottom of the search page to contact the CSGNetwork Webmaster if needed. You may also click on the Start Bible Page to return to the beginning of the application. From that page, you may send a link to friends via our Link Mailer software, informing them of the page, if you so desire. So far as of January 2005, more than 1,600,000 visits have been made to our Bible. About 400,000 links have been sent to others. We are Christian believers and we have provided this for you to use in hopes you will find the same happiness. Thank you for using our Bible. May God bless you.

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