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Using the Search Engine

Click Here for the Guide to Book Abbreviation!

You may turn off "Include Study Tools" by clicking the box. The default setting automatically lists all concordances, lexicons, and dictionary notes in the right column.

Find exact chapters and/or verses by typing the book, chapter, and/or verse in the box and selecting the Bible version you want from the pop-up menu. (When searching by chapter and verse, the default setting automatically includes hyperlinks to commentary notes, as well as concordances, lexicons, and dictionary notes. To turn off these references, remove the check in the box next to "Include Study Tools".)

Example: John 3:16
Find verses containing an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks.
Example: "for God so loved the world"
Find verses containing two or three words you want by adding AND (in capital letters) between the words.
Example: Christ AND mercy
Find verses with either of two words you want by adding OR (in capital letters) between the words.
Example: mercy OR grace
Find verses with one word but not another word by adding NOT (in capital letters) between the words.
Example: holy NOT spirit
Additional Notes:

You can search for up to three words or phrases with the modifiers AND, OR, NOT. However, you cannot use AND after using OR or NOT.

To refine your results, click "search within results" after performing a search, and search for additional words or phrases.